OTH Podcast

Over The Heel - Ep 10 (The Perfect Ten)

December 8, 2017

Welcome to episode 10 of the Over the Heel podcast entitled… yep you’ve guessed it…. the perfect 10.

After our self imposed (and hopefully WWE follows suit) winter break we’re back and on 10 out of 10 form (thats the last of the 10 puns promise……. 10,10,10.. ok enough!).

This week we discuss Woken Matt, the potential bullet club show, Bryan Danielson wrestling, is Balor over, Survivor series two word review, NXT Takeover Wargames (😍), the future of WWE womens wrestling and the upcoming Rev Pro show - uprising 2017(which we’re all going to - OMG OMG❤️). So join us as we remember…….. we actually do love wrestling after all……