OTH Podcast

Over The Heel - Ep 1 (The first ‘bloody’ one) Explicit Language

June 8, 2017

Over the heel are now (nxt) taking over another form of media – this time its podcasts. In the first edition of our soon to be legit over show we discuss Randy Orton taking a dive, 5 star wrestling, YouTube adding wrestling to the inappropriate content list, WWE (non so) Extreme rules, a little of raw(cause we were watching it during recording), our top 5 genuine extreme matches, AJ Styles V Shawn Michaels, MITB predictions, wrestling merch, the menstrual cycle, what RAW can do to catch up in the ratings, our favourite finishers and generally all our opinions (or facts as we like to call them). SUBSCRIPTIONS AND COMMENTS ARE MANDATORY – and that’s the bottom line…………..