Over The Heel - Ep 12 (Overtheheel is fine)

February 10, 2018

Welcome to episode 12 of the OTH Podcast - Overtheheel is fine...although you probably won't believe it after listening....

This time we discuss/argue about 5* Wrestling, NXT Takeover Phillidelphia, The Royal Rumble and NJPW Road to New Beginning.

We pose the question 'Where do we want the Bullet Club' to go next?'

Berkmerch has a very special quiz with an extra special prize (Cause he has too much merch now). 

So Join us as we point at the Wrestlemaina sign on a non visual audio blog.....


Over The Heel - Ep 11 (#werein2018)

January 17, 2018

Welcome to episode 11 of the over the heel podcast - #werein2018 - This week we discuss wrestle kingdom 12, Defiant, Austin Aries, Paige, impact, Don Callis (well JDalpha does) & #allin2018. We also have the return of one of our favourite features - Questions from our fans (or followers we were just feeling generous to ourselves). Plus we pose the question which promotion would you want to represent in 2018? So join us as we royally rumble the wrestling business once again.


Over The Heel - Ep 10 (The Perfect Ten)

December 8, 2017

Welcome to episode 10 of the Over the Heel podcast entitled… yep you’ve guessed it…. the perfect 10.

After our self imposed (and hopefully WWE follows suit) winter break we’re back and on 10 out of 10 form (thats the last of the 10 puns promise……. 10,10,10.. ok enough!).

This week we discuss Woken Matt, the potential bullet club show, Bryan Danielson wrestling, is Balor over, Survivor series two word review, NXT Takeover Wargames (😍), the future of WWE womens wrestling and the upcoming Rev Pro show - uprising 2017(which we’re all going to - OMG OMG❤️). So join us as we remember…….. we actually do love wrestling after all……


Over The Heel - Ep 9 (Total Load of Crap TLC) Explicit Language

October 20, 2017

Welcome to episode 9 of The Over The Heel podcast entitled TLC – Total load of crap – This week we discuss ROH Global Wars, HIAC, WCPW being reborn defiant, Will Ospreay winning the IWGP Jr Heavyweight title, a very small preview/shoot about TLC & we pose the question is WWE in trouble? Plus we take a pop quiz…. Or a Test(RIP) as we like to call it …………….. So please join us – especially if you have walked out on work this week………………………. (disclaimer) This week will be hosted by Ian ‘The Merchandise’ Barkham so we apologise for any offense caused ahead of time.


Over The Heel - Ep 8 (Sin Piedad) Explicit Language

September 30, 2017

Welcome to episode 8 of the OTH podcast and this week we discuss/completely destroy no mercy, we rave about Lucha Forever, we get angry about Young Bucks cease and desist, we have mixed feelings about Hell In A Cell and come to the epiphany that WWE isn’t actually that good...... except NXT......


Over The Heel - Ep 7 (No No No Mercy) Explicit Language

September 22, 2017

Welcome to episode 7 of the OTH podcast: no no no mercy – and a warm welcome back from our definitely on purpose month long ‘summer break’ – this week we are back with a vengeance…… and with ‘The Merchandise’ in tow again (turn the volume down now)…….. Topics discussed this week include PWI 500, PROGRESS wrestling, WCPW’s departures, WWE’s latest customer survey and of course No mercy, no no no mercy….. Predictions…… so sit back and enjoy the best there is, the best there was and….. you get it!!  


Over The Heel - Ep 6 (Summerslammed) Explicit Language

August 24, 2017

Welcome to the Over the Heel podcast - episode 6 - Summerslammed - join us on a seemingly never ending journey through WWE's Summerslam (we promise you'll have more fun then when you watched it), NXT takeover Brooklyn III, Jim Cornette in GFW & a G1 Climax 2017 review.......



Over The Heel - Ep 5 (Six hours of wrestling)

August 12, 2017

Welcome to Episode 5 of the OTH Podcast and a well titled 6hrs of wrestling! thats right, this week is our Summerslam special. We discuss match predictions, the art of selling (so listen up Jim Cornette) Raw, Smackdown, Our favourite..NXT, G1, Omega Okada 3 and throw in a whole load of insults to dave for free!


Over The Heel - Ep 4 (#snapchat) Explicit Language

July 27, 2017

Welcome to episode 4 of the Over The Heel podcast - #snapchat - This week we lock in a three handled family grudunzle on – Kurt’s big surprise, Brocks UFC rumours, talking smack being cancelled, the G1, Johnny Mundo signing for GFW, how crap battleground was, wrestling’s best reveals, the cruiserweights, how awful battleground was, our favourite GMs, our favourite PPVs, summerslam predictions & just how really really terrible, like bloody atrocious, battleground was………….....


Over The Heel - Ep 3 (Goodness Gracious) Explicit Language

July 13, 2017

Fiinallllly OTH has come back to...... do a third podcast - Overt the heel has returned to discuss NJPW G1 USA special, Lucha forever, Austin Aries, #WWEballs, wrestling betrayals, the new US champions(who's better), our favourite face painted wrestlers, who we would snog, marry and avoid(steve especially loved this section), favourite entrance music, battleground predictions and most importantly how baggsta is terrible at words - come join us for an aggressive and sometimes confrontational look at the last three weeks in wrasslin